By Geralyn Anderson

This article was published in the author’s Parish Newsletter. Geralyn is the designer of the ACGWT Logo.

I recently attended Mass for the first time in months. It was the funeral service for a friend’s
mother and though I had no real connection to her, it was an encounter of intimate grace. Little did I know or expect its impact, but such is the nature of grace, freely given and received.

The only things I knew about the woman was that she was a mother, and from what I gather
from her photo, a woman of small stature. During Mass, I learned that she had arranged
flowers for the church. The priest, speaking of her with warm affection, likened this act of
service as a participation in God’s heavenly beauty.

Regardless of whether this woman knew this in herself, hers was, by the nature of its beauty, an interaction between heaven and earth. What spoke to me too, was that it was an act that was shared. It was generative, not a gift that kept to oneself or to a few, but one that reached many. In the quiet work behind-the-scenes, without being named or publicly acknowledged, I found in this woman and mother of my friend, a quality of being, participation and sharing that modelled for me, another way of being Church.

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