By Clare Condon SGS

This article was published in the Good Oil, the E-Magazine of the Good Samaritan Sisters.

Women and the Plenary Council was the topic for a gathering on Zoom last month when over 100 people registered for the first conversation in a new series, WATAC PRESENTS.

WATAC (Women and the Australia Church) was established 34 years ago to explore women’s experience and place within the Catholic Church. For many of the women, these years have been a long but rewarding journey of faith and appreciation of their own significant contribution to women’s spirituality. Simultaneously, it has been a frustrating journey for some, who feel the Catholic Church still fails to honour women’s experience of the divine in its liturgical, parish and missionary life.

The Australian Catholic Church will hold a Plenary Council during 2021 and 2022 as a vehicle for renewal within the church; a church battered by many failings over many years; battered by sexual abuse by clergy and cover up by bishops and other leaders, battered by failures to engage with changes in the role of women within society; and battered by an irrelevance witnessed by a rising disaffection of believers with their experiences of church. Only 12% of Catholics now attend Mass on a Sunday.

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